Passing the NC real estate broker license examination lays the foundation for your real estate career. The keys to passing the in-class and state examinations the first time is understanding the critical examination content and the aptitude to successfully navigate, untangle and answer essay and problem based multiple choice questions.  So – here is what we recommend;

 Step 1:  Remain calm.

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Step 3:  We are going to SHOW YOU the LOGICAL REASONING of questions; stem, stimulus & how to untangle those ^%$# exam questions that end with the word EXCEPT.

Step 4:  Pass the NC broker license examination on the first attempt like a boss.

The legendary Cram for the NC Broker License Examination BOOK will provide you the details to untangle test questions.  Here is just a small taste of what is contained in the book concerning the essay and problem based questions:

Four Components of a Test Question

  1. Key words
  2. The Subject (the customer, client, contract, etc.)
  3. Question Stimulus (the issue)
  4. Question Stem (actual question)

The question stimulus is the part of the question that provides Key Words, the Subject, information, and events.

The question stem is the part of the test question that presents the actual question the test taker is being asked to solve.

Many educators for Postsecondary education and real estate licensing examination test taking recommend reading the question stem before reading (or untangling) the question stimulus. This is a well-argued and scholarly recommendation.

Students who read the question stimulus first will then read the question stem, realize what the question is looking for, and have to reread the question stimulus a second or third time to pick up anything they missed. That means reading up to a dozen or more lines of text several times. If you know the question ahead of time, you can read the question stimulus just once, gather the keywords and information you need (stimulus), and answer the question in less time and with more confidence and success.

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